Business Network Installations.

For every modern business, big or small, reliable network infrastructure is crucial.

Quality Network Services for South Louisiana and Mississippi.

In order to be competitive in the modern age, your business needs fast, reliable Internet access. A professional network installation helps boost your business performance through maximum connectivity. OMNI IT Solutions provides network installation services for companies of all shapes and sizes, helping you optimize your workflow.


Commercial Wi-Fi Installation and Management.

Tired of spotty and inconsistent Wi-Fi? OMNI IT Solutions provides commercial Wi-Fi installation and management services for businesses across South Louisiana and Mississippi, bringing your business optimal network speed and reliability. After we survey, design, and install your new and improved Wi-Fi setup, our team will carefully test your network to ensure it functions efficiently. If your business ever requires assistance with its network in the future, OMNI IT is just one call away!

Man setting up a wifi router for commercial use

Portable Internet for Business Meetings and Conferences.

Many services may claim to offer portable internet services, but securing reliable internet for corporate meetings and conferences without having to pay big bucks in event pricing can be hard to come by. That's where we come in. You can count on OMNI IT Solutions to make sure your next event runs smoothly. This option is also great for restaurants and retail.

meeting with the team

New Construction Wiring for Voice, Data, and Wireless.

Even if you're going wireless, your new construction will need pre-wiring. Pre-wiring is the process of designing and planning desired electrical functionality and capabilities of your space once all the walls and ceilings are closed off. Proper wiring in a building will not only increase its value, but will allow you to use the latest technology for years to come. OMNI IT Solutions can arrange Ethernet, wireless configuration, and amplifiers for smoother, clearer phone calls.

Ethernet wiring coming out of wall

Leave Your IT To Us.

In the modern world, IT services are essential. Protect your business by trusting OMNI.