Cybersecurity Services.

Defend your business against computer viruses, malware, ransomware, and other online threats.

South Louisiana's Trusted Source for Cybersecurity.

Almost all businesses keep copies of financial records, personal information, health records, private data, and customer buying behavior in some digital format. Therefore, hackers have huge incentives for stealing your information. Don't wait until it's too late — you can trust OMNI IT Solutions to seek out and provide the latest, state-of-the-art technology to help secure your business – no matter how small.


Firewall Installation and Management.

How secure is your Wi-Fi network? By putting a firewall in place, we safeguard your Internet connection against intruders and encrypt your information, guaranteeing that it stays protected. Firewalls function by filtering traffic and blocking outsiders from gaining unauthorized access to the private data on your systems.

Firewall access being denied to a person

Web Filtering Services.

When a user clicks on a link or types an address into a browser, your firewall scans the website for potentially malicious content. If the site appears to be safe and acceptable, the user is granted immediate access. However, if the site is determined to be unacceptable or suspicious, the user is blocked from accessing the page, protecting your data from attackers.

Woman with headphones for web filtering

System-Wide Remote Monitoring and Management.

Our management software collects information about your devices’ health statuses and then relays the data to our technicians, allowing us to monitor and respond to potential threats remotely. As soon as your OMNI IT Solutions team detects suspicious activity, we can stop the threats in their tracks.

Man monitoring system

Leave Your IT To Us.

In the modern world, IT services are essential. Protect your business by trusting OMNI.