Video Surveillance Systems.

Protect your business.  Discourage theft.  Improve loss recovery.  Reduce insurance costs.

Keep Eyes on Your Business.

Surveillance systems provide us with some peace-of-mind in a world where most things are out of our control. Protecting your property has never been easier! Rather than leaving you in the dark, our smart security cameras will send you real-time notifications about burglaries, trespassing, or break-ins, protecting your business from the unknown and unexpected.


IP Video Camera Security Systems with Installation.

IP cameras are the opposite of analog Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) cameras. Unlike CCTV cameras, an IP camera can receive and send information through the Internet or a computer network, such as Ethernet. OMNI IT Solutions provides evaluation, installation, and service — everything you'll need for your network IP cameras.

Security camera in house

Event Playback From Your Desktop or Mobile Device.

You'll receive a text or email notification when your cameras detect motion. Then, via your phone or desktop, you can access your cameras to watch either live feedback or recorded event-related video footage. You can even save any event-related pictures or videos captured by your cameras!

Camera playback on a phone
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Cloud-Based Personal Monitoring and Storage.

View your cameras and recorded events from your device anywhere at any time via a secured, encrypted cloud connection. You'll be able to send clips via text or email, automatically receive a notification when an event occurs, and watch timelapse footage from your security cameras.

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Leave Your IT To Us.

In the modern world, IT services are essential. Protect your business by trusting OMNI.