Our Complimentary Services

We are pleased to offer the following complimentary services to the businesses in our community.  Please contact us if you would like to inquire about one of our complimentary services or for further details of the solutions we offer.

  • IT Security Audit: evaluate your computers and network equipment to ensure security updates are being applied, your malware protection is running properly and protecting your critical data, and review best practice procedures for safe browsing and password usage with your staff

  • Computer Performance Review & Optimization: evaluate and optimize the performance of your computers then review with you what options you have to upgrade your computers for an even greater performance boost

  • Malware Threat Detection and Removal: best effort to detect and remove any discovered threats then install a quality free antimalware solution to protect from future threats

  • Secure Cloud Monitoring Test Run: 15-day trial of our MxLINQ Secure Cloud Monitoring and Storage solution - remotely monitor the live stream from your cameras or playback events that are encrypted and stored in the cloud and only accessible by you (MOBOTIX camera required)​